Facebook's Beacon is evil

Facebook's Beacon program, where Facebook's partner sites automatically report your activity on their sites to your Facebook account, doesn't pass my smell test. What Facebook has built in Beacon is spyware. If Facebook doesn't redesign Beacon and makes it opt-in and far more transparent than today, I will be very surprised if this leads to neither a member backlash nor regulation by lawmakers.

An example of how Beacon works: Click on Play Now and Joost will report your action to Facebook and unless you actively say no, your activity will end up in your newsfeed.

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Are Google eyeing Skype?

Google's Chris Sacca on Skype: "It's the next big thing". Open Spectrum, Android, Jaiku and Skype would be really interesting in Google's hands.

Ideas are not reality

Disruptive interviews Johan Staehl von Holstein: "Jag har en idé som skulle konkurrera med både Facebook och slå undan benen på Googles affärsmodell. Men jag har vare sig pengar eller tid att dra igång något. Jag har lovat att leverera med avseende på IQube. Min avsikt är att IQube ska bli historiskt och jag planerar att ägna många år till med att jobba med IQube."

I was going to cut the quote after the first two sentences, but that wouldn't be fair. Ideas ares are worth next to nothing, though. I find Johan's views on the Internet industry about as off as I find Alexander Bard's view on communities.


Soon to return to regular programming

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic, thus the lack of new posts. Guess it will be a few more days before the mind is alert enough for any serious blogging to take place.


SIME this week

This Wedensday and Thursday it is time for SIME. Today the nominees for SIME Awards were announced, and yes it is great fun that Stardoll is nominated.


Facebook Applications as organic search results

Niki Scevak on the newsfeed (of Facebook and others) and marketing. I like the way of comparing applications to organic search results and Facebook's ad system to paid search.

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bubblegen roundup

On the big issues for Internet companies as well as VCs.

bubblegeneration: "What makes revolutionaries - well, revolutionary - is the desire to change the world. For the better.

Almost all of today's new market leaders, interestingly, share this trait: it is a deep genetic difference that underpins advantage. The deeply felt desire to change the world for the better is ultimately how radical innovators are able to explode value propositions, redesign value chains, etc."

bubblegeneration: "But next-gen media is neither mass media nor software: it's a new beast entirely. It requires a whole different order of strategic imagination, a capacity to advise to startups on next-gen business models, and a deep-seated appetite for disruption."

And some old media executive bashing:

bubblegeneration: "Wow, what a great analogy. See? The trains are like content, and the tracks are like distribution. And what consumers are doing is like little minicars going backwards on the tracks. And Google is kind of like a bunch of helicopters floating in the sky watching the trains."


Hubbub 07 - conference on web, voice, IP TV

The organization behind Hej! 2007 is at it again with a conference on "where web, voice and IP TV meet". The conference is called Hubbub and takes place on November, 24th at Nymble, KTH in Stockholm between 13.00 - 17.00. Registration is free. Among the speakers are Sorosh Tavakoli, Trond Bugge, Henrik Thomé and David Haddad.

Intendend and unintended consequences

The Swedish Home PC program, with tax breaks for purchasing a computer, seems to have had its intended consequence with broad PC and Internet adoption. But there were also effects that the Government likely didn't plan for.

The following quote attributed to Steve Ballmer of Microsoft reinforces that a company providing core functionality to lot of people in a big market can make a lot of money: "The Swedish government is printing money for Microsoft. Grab this opportunity while it's here, it can't go on for very long."

Join the group

What's Next, the Swedish tech podcast Thomas Wennström lets me participate in, now has as many members in its Facebook group as this blog. If you haven't already joined this blog's Facebook group, please do so.


Bisonblog turns three

On October 24th bisonblog turned three years old. Keep up the good work, Fredrik!

MySpace launches interest-based ad targeting

MySpace's HyperTargeting advertising system has in its initial trial period increased advertisers' brand performance with 300 % compared with demographically targeted ads, according to the company. Combined with the self-service system, I think this is likely to be big (as does Umair). Better targeting is the main reason I think online advertising will improve (for users, advertisers and publishers) a lot in the next few years.


Meet the new boss, same as the old

Dare Obasanjo (Microsoft): Google transforms into Microsoft of old and one of the more interesting postings on OpenSocial I've read so far. I guess quite a few of you readers of this blog have given OpenSocial some thought. Please write your thoughts in the comments.

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