Aftonbladet's main competitor is Facebook, says Swedish twentysomethings

Before the awards cermony at InternetWorld Topp 100, InternetWorld's Editor-in-Chief Magnus Höij interviewed Kalle Jungkvist, editor-in-chief of Aftonbladet Nya Medier. Two interesting takeaways:

1) Aftonbladet Plus has passed 140,000 subscribers.
2) When Aftonbladet.se recently did a focus group with twentysomethings, the main competitor in terms of time to Aftonbladet.se was said to be Facebook. The choice for young Internet users was to, more or less, aimlessly surf Aftonbladet or Facebook for a while. The things you learn when you ask your users...

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Anonymous edenstrom.wordpress.com said...

The Aftonbladet-visitors relations to celebrities and sportstars are to some grade similar to the relation to their own friends (and their friends) :)

Anonymous http://edenstrom.wordpress.com said...

Or Google?



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